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Other In-Stock MDF Items

Builders Moulding Supply also has a large selection of MDF flat stock, chair rails, and T&G wainscot, to name a few. For greater detail about a particular style, click on the image or item number. Having difficulty matching your current profile? Email us a photo of your sample and we can assist with selecting the appropriate item. Wish to place an order or have additional questions? Speak directly with one of our knowledgeable and friendly professionals, or visit our showroom Monday through Friday 7am-5pm. We are always ready to help.


(11/16” X 4-¾”)


(11/16” X 6-¾”)


(1” X 4-¾”)


(1” X 7-¼”)

Chair rails, Astragals, T&G Wainscot, Panel Caps, Door Stops

Flat Stock and Sills

647MUL 648MUL 649MUL 651MUL 653MUL 655MUL 660MUL 2000LDF 2001LDF 2002LDF 2003LDF 733MUL 734MUL 737MUL 738MUL 202MUL 203MUL 210MUL 713LDF 714LDF 715LDF 750LDF 751LDF 752LDF 753LDF 1100LDF 1101LDF 1103LDF 1104LDF 11MDF 12MDF 970LDF 986LDF 987LDF 988LDF 989LDF 990LDF 991LDF